Farbrente has multiple meanings in Yiddish. It literally means burning or burnt, but it can also imply a zealous quality in the person or activity it describes. In Jewish research, it also conjures sad memories of the burning of records and locales from which our people came, making research that much harder. We have chosen both to adopt the former meaning and to honour the latter in the name this page uses.

Aria Burrell, the researcher behind Farbrente, is here to help you learn about the past, memorialize your ancestors, and find reasons to be proud of the diversity in your family tree. Aria is also a queer genealogist and not a person who treads lightly around the subjects of LGBTQ2+ representation in trees—she believes we need to stop hiding and being ashamed of our ancestors, siblings, and cousins who lived and loved a little differently.


Please reach out to Aria Burrell at aria@farbrente.ca if you think she can help you with your research.